H 01   Do Virgins Taste Better?
H 02   A Dragon's Retorte
H 03   A Grazing Mace
H 04   Green Sleeves
H 05   Glenwhorple (The "G" Song)
H 06   Log Driver's Waltz
H 07   Plunder Before You Burn !
H 08   Rattlin' Bog
H 09   Roderick's Cavalier
H 10   The First Knight of Avacal
H 11   The Great Norse Rover
H 12   Yesterday Part Two
H 13   With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm
H 14   The Real Old Time Religion
H 15   The Volga Birthday Song
H 16   Mundane
H 17   Woad
H 18   The Cloak Of John Macleod
H 19   I'm a Viking
H 20   Welsh History 101B
H 21   The Authenticity Police
H 22   The Albrecht von Rugen Song
H 23   The Lemming Song
H 24   The Embalmed Gryphon Steamboat
H 25   An Ode to Duct Tape II
H 26   SCA Rhapsody
H 27   Voices In The Hall
H 28   The Baron Territorial A.S. XX
H 29   I'm So Pretty
H 30   Dragonwood Faire
H 31   The Celt Came Back
H 32   The Boa Constrictor
H 33   Marvelous SCA Toy
H 34   The Pirate Queen
H 35   A Knight To Remember
H 36   Donald Where's Your Trousers?
H 37   The Ladies In The SCA
H 38   Wild Mountian Thyme Parody
H 39   Ilkley Moor Ba'at Hat
H 40   Win Crown
H 41   The Lemmings And The Nee
H 42   You Must Hold a Card
H 43   Helm Full of Pain
H 44   Freaking the Mundanes
H 45   Sounds of Violence
H 46   We Came Upon a Midnight Clear
H 47   The Lemming Tavern
H 48   The Ballad of Dandy Jack
H 49   Celtic Ring of Fire
H 50   Dead Celts Roating On An Open Fire
H 51   If I Was the Crown King
H 52   Coffee Prayer
H 53   Avacalian Pride
           (or How To Get Those In Power Annoyed)
H 54   Odin Loves The Little Vikings
H 55   Roman Legionaire
H 56   I Got Those Censureship Blues
H 57   Fed Up With Name Calling
H 58   The Saga of Santa Odin
H 59   A Viking Christmas Carol
H 60   The Thugs Go Riding
H 61   So You Wish to Be A Bard
           as rewritten for Master Gregory (A Satire)
H 62   Oh Lemming Boy (A Short Ditty)
H 63   Borealis Black Velvet Band