H 63 Borealis Black Velvet Band
                               Bronwyn the Mischievous
Sung To The Tune Of
The Black Velvet Band

In the sweet Barony of Borealis
There lives a great Baron Magnus,
And he said to be Bronwyn please sing for us
A loud and bawdy drinking song.

Well his eyes they shone like they're diamonds
You'd think he was Queen of the land
And his hair it hung over his shoulder
Tied up with a black velvet band.

Said I to Magnus the Baron 
I don't know a loud drinking song
But please let me sit and ponder awhile
And I filk you a fine drinking song

So I sat and pondered awhile
And filked you this fine drinking song
That I wrote on command of the Baron
The one with the black velvet band

Of Magnus' sweet loving lady
I have but one plea to implore
Why does Magnus our Baron wear his hair
Tied up with your black velvet band?

Now his eyes they shine like they're diamonds
You'd think he was scourge of the land
And I think I shall quietly slink away
Before my neck rests in his hands