H 40 Win Crown 
            Godytha of Whiteraven and Asahla Telerion
Sung To The Tune Of

When you're alone, and life is making you lonely, 
You can always go:
Win Crown.
When you feel grotty, 
All the groupies and toadies seem to help, I know:
Win Crown.
Just listen to the fawning of the sycophants and phonies,
Linger on the eric with your buddies and your cronies,
Drinking a beer:

The belts are much whiter there,
And you can triple your phone bill, 
And cripple your car,
When you win Crown,
Things will be great when you win Crown,
You're head of state when you win Crown,
Everyone's waiting for you.

Don't hang around with other dogmeat around you, 
There are knights to stalk:
Win Crown.
Maybe you know some little passes 
Or blows to where they never block:
Win Crown.
Just listen to the rhythm of the crashing of the armour,
You'll be smashing with them 
Or off flirting with some charmer,
Who wants to be queen:

Think of the joys of tactics planned with the boys 
At tourneys and at wars:
Win Crown.
Gifts you will get from people you've never met 
At courts held by the score:
Win Crown.
And you may find some lady kind and organized 
To fight for, 
She can do the paperwork and sew your costumes right for,
You to enjoy:

Performer(s) Thorvald Grimsson