H 05 Glenwhorple (The "G" Song) 

There's a braw fine clan o' lads as ilka man should ken
They are de'ils at the fichtin, they hae clured a sicht o' men
They hae suppit muckle whiskey when to ceildh theu gang ben
The heilan men of braw Glenwhorple.

HEUGHT! Glenwhorple, Heilan' men, 
Great strong whuskey-suckin' Heilan' men
They were hard-workin', hairy legged, Heilan' men,
Slainte mhor, Glenwhorple.

They were founded by McAdam who of all the men was first
He resided in Glen Eden and he pipit fit tae burst
Wi' a fig-leaf for a sporran and a perfect Heilan' thirst
Till he stole away the apple from Glenwhorple

When the waters o' the deluge drookit all the whole world o'er
The chieftain of the clan y'know his name was Sean McNoah
So a muckle boat he biggit and he sneckit up the door
And he sailed away from drooned Glenwhorple

McNoah sent a piper out to see if there was land
He came back wi' an empty whuskey bottle in each hand
But they couldna comprehend him, he was fu', ye understand
For he found a public house aboon the water

There was a jock named Joshua, a Sapper he by trade
He went awa' to Jericho aboon a muckle raid
And the walls they went a-tumblin', and with loot the lads were paid
For the sappin' and the minin' in Glenwhorple.

When wise King Solomon was ruler o'er the glen
He had a hundred pipers and a thousand fichtin' men
And ten thousand wives and concubines, for as I'm sure ye ken
He kept a pow'rful household in Glenwhorple

O there was a birkie bangster was the ruler o'er the clan
Well his name it was t'Wallace and he was a fichtin' man
And he went about the border and the Southron turned and ran
From the dingin' of the claymore in Glenwhorple

Many o' the clansmen went and left their heilan' home
They loaded up on ships, aboot the world t'roam
They were lookin' for a special place to call their very own
That's how Ealdormere became Glenwhorple

O what a sight this morning wi' the clan all on parade
Wi' the claymore and the pipers and the braw Glenwhorple plaid
And the pipey almost sober, and the chieftain no' afraid
O' seein' tartan spiders in Glenwhorple

(Repeat Chorus Twice To End)

"Slainte mhor", pronounced "slanja vah", means "good health". Source: Songs from Front And Rear; A Collection Of Canadian Serviceman's Songs of World War Two, with the exception of Lord Cordigan D'Arnot's verse about how Ealdormere became Glenwhorple, and the verse about Sappers, which is the fault of Lord Hector of the Black Heights.

Performer(s) Sine Peregrina