H 29 I'm So Pretty 
                     Acheron von Drachenwald 
Sung To The Tune Of
It's My Party

Nobody knows where my rapier has gone,
My dagger left the same time.
Would someone steal my steel,
Although they know that it's mine?

[Spoken] "You know what? I don't care, because..."

I'm so pretty, and I'll primp if I want to,
Primp if I want to,
Primp if I want to,
You would primp too if it happened to you!

Black leather gauntlets and black leather boots,
A black leather belt for my waist,
I love my Cavalier garb,
It's not to everyone's taste!

Long wavy tresses, all shiny and clean,
A neat goatee beard on my chin,
This corset needs to be tight,
So I'm aesthetically thin...

Blue velvet doublet and green velvet cape,
A big floppy hat for my head,
I'll look as handsome as this
Until the day that I'm dead!