H 19 I'm a Viking 
                        Elfride the Landless
Sung To The Tune Of
Oh, Susannah!

Oh, I come from Scandinavia
With my helm upon my head,
And I won't be going home again
'Till all of you are dead.

Chorus: I'm a Viking,
For that's the thing to be;
There's no greater joy than fighting
For a berserker like me.

Oh, we had a raid the other night
When everything was still.
We waited until moonrise and
Came shrieking down the hill.
The blood was pouring down the streets,
The women ran and screamed;
It was better fun than anyone
Could possibly have dreamed. 

The loot we loaded on the ships
Was too great to be told.
The slaves we towed behind on rafts;
For ballast we had gold.
We took home herds of cows and pigs,
We took home chests of jewels;
Why should we work when we can loot
From futile, puny fools?

Oh, we're hairy-chested fighters
And we have no time for games.
What we don't take back home with us
We'll leave behind in flames.
And if you see a Viking ship
There's nothing you can do
Just kiss your wife and cross yourself
And bid the world adieu.