H 10 The First Knight of Avacal 
                                       Sine Peregrina 02/99
Sung To The Tune Of
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

You know Conrad and Aethelhere, Edward and Wolfhere
Rorik and Albrecht and Vik and Thorwulf
But do you recall the most famous knight of them all?

Thing, the short, squat, ugly one
Had a very furry pelt
And if you ever saw him
You would never see a belt

All of the other fighters
Used to laugh and call him names
They never let poor Thing
Join in any stick jock games

Then one muggy summer's night
Strider came to say
"Thing, with your honour bright,
Won't you amuse my family tonight?"

Oh how the Queen did love him
And the Prince cried out with glee
Strider did dub Thing knight then
The first of our history!














Thing was a two foot high, very fat, very ugly, very furry, stuffed something-or-other. At the Sherwood Park Medieval Days demo in summer of 1980, for being chivalrous to the Queen, amusing the Prince (their son) and letting the King win at chess, a (very drunk) King Strider made Thing a knight of An Tir, the first in the region that one day became Avacal. Sir Thing eventually answered the call of his Kingdom and went on Crusade. He was never heard from again. In January of 1997 at Montengarde's Twelfth Night Celebration, Sir Thorwulf Bjornsson meet a Lady who (like himself) had also been at that demo and she told him that she had had Thing's son (safely looked after for the past 14 years). Sir Thorwulf asked to meet "Little Thing" who had been looked after by (or was looking after) the Lady's daughter. So impressed was the Knight with Little Thing's virtue and the way he had followed in his long lost father's footsteps regarding those virtues that raise a man to knighthood, that in front of many witnesses did Sir Thorwulf made Little Thing his Squire, thus bringing the family lineage full circle. 

Performer(s) Sine Peregrina