BS 01  Chastity Belt
BS 02   Johnny Be Fair
BS 03   Maids When You're Young Never Wed
             An Old Man

BS 04   I Like A Moose (lord's version)
BS 05   I Like A Moose (lady's version)
BS 06   My Johnny
BS 07   Rat's Falkener Slobber Song (Blondes)
BS 08   Seven Nights Drunk
BS 09   The Lay of Diane and Cordigan
             and a Few Incidental Sheep

BS 10   Scotland's Depraved (The Sheep Song)
BS 11   A Walk In The Irish Rain
BS 12   The Barley Mow
BS 13   I'm A Rover
BS 14   The Wild Rover
BS 15   The Whistling Gypsy (aka The Gypsy Rover)
BS 16   Whiskey In The Jar
BS 17   The Black Velvet Band
BS 18   Friar O'Niell
BS 19   Ramblin' Rover
BS 20   Nancy Whiskey
BS 21   The Clinton Smoker's Lament
BS 22   Three little maids from the S.C.A.
BS 23   Whiskey You're The Devil
BS 24   The Scotsman's Kilt (aka The Sleeping Scotsman)
BS 25   The House Homme Anthem
BS 26   Jug Of Punch
BS 27   Three Jolly Coachmen
             (aka Landlord Fill The Flowing Bowl)

BS 28   Raggle Taggle Gypsy
BS 29   There is a Tavern In The Town
BS 30   Down at the Inn
BS 31   Avacal Rovers
BS 32   Steffano (or "I'm Drunk, But Thanks For Asking!")
BS 33   The Black Swan
BS 34   The Night That Paddy Murphy Died
BS 35   True Avacalians
BS 36   Only Fencers Wear Dresses
BS 37   Rocky Road To Dublin
BS 38   Bloody Brass Handles
BS 39   Go Down
BS 40   Johnny Jump Up
BS 41   Drinking Borealis Mead
BS 42   Home Boys Home
BS 43   The Beer Song
BS 44   The Bonny Spotted Cuckoo
BS 45   Christine The Good
BS 46   John Barleycorn