BS 21 The Clinton Smoker's Lament 
                                         Acheron von Drachenwald 

Sung To The Tune Of Men of Harlech

Men of An Tir join together, 
Don your cloaks, lament the weather,
Light a cigarette but never smoke it off the bridge.

For the clouds are growing thicker,
See! Was that a lightning flicker?
Quick, run up and grab some liquor ere the tavern shuts.

Fetch for me a beer, I will drink it here,
For I cannot leave this bloody bridge,
In case I get a-noticed by the Peer!
These cigarettes are such a pain,
Making me stand outside in the rain!
Look, here come the clouds again,
Damnit, where's my hood?

Drinking horn is held in one hand,
Round me gather all the warband,
Men and women burned or suntanned, everyone is drenched.

Gentles, let us sign a paper,
Go and find a waxen taper
Or a lamp of kerosene vapor so I have some light!

Waterproofing's needed, for my ink has bleeded,
Right across the whole of the petition,
Now it looks as though it has been kneaded!
What's the time? It's after nine!
I want to go to Sam's, on fish to dine.
I can't leave, it's such a crime!
Smoking on the bridge.