BS 30 Down at the Inn 

My lady's an ostler, an ostler, an ostler,
And such a fine ostler is she.
All day she mounts horses, mounts horses, mounts horses,
And at night she comes home and drinks tea.

Heg digga din, hey digga din, down at the inn,
Down at the inn, down at the inn,
Heg digga din, hey digga din, down at the inn,
Everyone's down at the inn.

Jester ... makes jokes
Woodwright ... screws bolts
Armourer ... bangs iron
Herald .. blows horns
Mason ... lays bricks
Tapster ... pumps beer
Farmer ... ploughs fields
Cutpurse ... rolls nobles
Miller ... grinds corn
Actor ... bad actor ... blows lines
Lepidopterist ... mounts butterflies
Sailor ... climbs masts, and spreads sails, and whips ropes
Vampire ... all night she sucks blood ... and at dawn

My lady's an herbalist, an herbalist, an herbalist,
And such a fine herbalist is she,
All day she drinks tea, she drinks tea, she drinks tea, 
And at night she does nothing but pee.

Note: The verses from Actor to Vampire were written by Thorvald Grimsson.

Performer(s) Whistler McEwan
                       Thorvald Grimsson