BS 38 Bloody Brass Handles 

Look at the coffin, bloody brass handles, 

Isn't it grand boys, to be bloody well dead. 
Let's not have a sniffle; let's have a bloody good cry, 
And always remember the longer you live, 
The sooner you'll bloody well die. 

Look at the flowers, all bloody great weeds, 

Look at the mourners, bloody great hypocrites, 

Look at the preacher, bloody sanctimonious, 

Look at the widow, bloody great lady

Look at the choirboys, bloody castrated

Look at the tombstone, bloody great boulder

Look at the gravesite, bloody great hole

Look at the corpse, bloody drunk bastard

Look at the baron, bloody old geezer

Look at the new knights, bloody large egos

Look at the swashers, bloody great fops