BS 32 Steffano (or "I'm Drunk, But Thanks For Asking!")
                                 Acheron von Drachenwald 
Sung To The Tune Of
Fernando – Abba

Can you hear the drums, Steffano?
I remember long ago another starry night like this;
In the lantern-glow, Steffano,
I sat down across the board and challenged you, 
‘Cuz I was pissed,
Though I'd never played before,
My drunken pride made me quite sure
The rules were similar to whist.

I was armed with beer, Steffano,
Of Tablero I had never even heard before this night,
You explain the game, Steffano,
I fill all the glasses up then clutch my bottles to me tight,
Believing in that rule
Made me a fool,
Made me a sucker in your sight.

There was something in the air that night,
Your words so trite, Steffano,
Throwing down the dice, it seemed to be
Frivolity, Steffano,
If I'd only listened carefully,
When you told me,
I might have stood a better chance, my lord,
Upon that board, Steffano.

Glasses on the mat, Steffano,
Once again you roll the dice and line them all up in a row,
Then you share them out, Steffano,
Make the toast and proudly boast of how you fill me full of woe,
I can see it in your eyes,
The glazed surprise
Of how you beat me down so low.

I was out of beer, Steffano,
Couldn't think for all the drink that I had poured into my throat,
In the final toast, Steffano,
You were grinning wickedly; 
you turned to me and had your gloat,
You praised me for my girth,
Which caused much mirth,
I blamed the beer: it gave me bloat!