BS 35 True Avacalians 
                   Sir Conrad Von Graz, Yeoman
                   Mordecai Salzer, Shamus van du
                   Ponceil, Enid feruh Rhodri
Sung To The Tune Of
We'll Rant and We'll Rave like True Newfoundlanders
Composed at the Avacal Regional War AS XXVI

We'll rant and we'll rave like true Avacalians,
We'll rant and we'll rave like never before.

There wasn't much room at our bardic circle,
So the Sergeants went out and got us some more.
And while they were gone we drank all their liquor.
They want us to go out and buy them some more.

We choose our champions in true An Tir fashion,
Out in the mud and the rain and the storm.
The heavies were cowering 'neath Thorvald’s bombardment
'Till Rorik came up and evened the score.

Shamus came close to being our champion,
But florentine pole arms he'll use no more.
Squire John decided that he'd be our first Prince,
But Rorik made sure that he'd rise no more.

Montengarde challenged, but they got slaughtered,
Maybe next year they'll come to the fore.
The swamp monster came and dragged off two ladies,
So they'll never venture near there any more.

(Slow down near the end)
John MacLeod produced some magic,
So I could sit down and write this score