BS 31 A  vacal Rovers 
                   Kataryna Dragonweaver
Sung To The Tune Of

It's a game you all know well, 
It's traveling the known world over 
On every trek to war and back, 
We're known as Avacal Rovers 

So pass the billy 'round boys, 
Don't let the pint pot stand there 
For tonight we drink the health 
Of every lord and lady 

We come from distant lands, 
We'll Feast and Fight and Party 
We're a well mixed pack from Ren on back, 
They call us lords and ladies.

We come from the Avacal plains, 
Where the girls and grass aren't scanty 
Creeks run dry or ten foot high, 
It's either drought or plenty 

If a Tavern's at the site, 
We live like pigs in clover 
And a whole damn check 
Goes down the neck of many an Avacal rover

When I pass along the road, 
The children raise my dander 
Crying, “Mother dear take in the clothes 
Here comes a .... Shakespeare actor
(Person in really funny clothes... 
guy/gal in a play
a weirdo
one of those Shakespeare guys...)

Performer(s) Kataryna Dragonweaver