BS 44 The Bonny Spotted Cuckoo
                                        The Kipper Family 
                                        (Vocals: Ruby and P.C.Chubb) 

On the 14th of May at the break of the day
With me gun of me shoulder to the woods I did stray
Pack of cards in me pocket me fiddle un all
And tucked down me trousers me long pig un all

I met a young girl with her cheeks as a rose
Says I can you tell me where the bonny black hair go
Well now me kind Sir I've not seen it today
But I saw it last Tuesday over Gimmingham way

Oh no I insisted you misunderstand
Tis on your Cuckoos nest that I would lay my hand
If thas Cuckoos you want Sir tis quite plain to me
That the best thing for you is to go climb a tree

My dear pretty maiden it is surely no riddle
Just allow me to play you a tune on my fiddle
But Sir since you have no baggage at all
Then this fiddle you play that must be wonderus small

I am sure that my wishes could fit in with yours
So my I suggest a game of all fours
Oh Sir I'm afraid that you must be some joker
For tis clear that the game you desire is poker

With that the girl turned away and was gone
Leaving this young man quite clearly undone
He took you his powder his bullets as well
The drew is ram rod and there shot himself