W 01   Burden of the Crown
W 02   Vengeance
W 03   Gryphons Fury
W 04   I Will Go
W 05   March of Cambreadth (aka Axes Flash)
W 06   Rise and Follow Vik
W 07   The Last Watchman
W 08   The Price Of Command
W 09   Avacal
W 10   The Ballad of Glencoe
W 11   Ireland
W 13   Worms of the Earth
W 14   The Son of Might
W 15   Tip
W 16   Ye Jacobites By Name
W 17   Two Recruiting Sergeants
W 18   The Rising Of The Moon
W 19   Tourney Known As Crown
W 20   Song of the Shield-Wall
W 21   The Foggy Dew (SCA version)
W 22   The Haughs O' Cromdale
W 23   Roving Tourney
W 24   Starry Starry Night (SCA Version)
W 25   Will Ye No Come Back Again?
W 26   Sound The Pibrouch
W 27   Vik's Stick
W 28   Cam Ye O'er Frae France?
W 29   Kerowyn's Ride
W 30   Wombat's Reign
W 31   Roddy McCorley
W 32   Christiona Goes Shopping
W 33   The Face Within
W 34   Hundred Years War
W 35   The Drum
W 36   Blood and Roses
W 37   Standin' in the mornin' sun
W 38   Tha mo dh¨il, Tha mo dh¨il
W 39   You're A Rapier Dude
W 40   My Mother's Savage Daughter
W 41   Song of the Wain
W 42   The List Once More Assembles
W 43   Wondering Where the Lions Are?