W 36 B lood and Roses 
                           Lady Viridis Aletha Solari 

On a grey and misty morning
That lays like silver on the land,
A gentleman comes riding hard
With sword-steel in his hand!
He casts himself down at the feet
Of the lady who stands there,
She wears the colours of his heart
And roses in her hair

He fights for blood and roses
And all that he holds dear,
He fights for the lady now
The flower of An Tir!

His heart is filled with passion's fire
That no wine could ever sate,
He challenges the world entire
With luck and skill and fate!
He stands en garde on honour's field
With another of his kin,
He bears no malice in his heart
But only one can win

They fight for blood and roses
And all that they hold dear,
They fight for the lady now
And the honour of An Tir!

With flashing steel and flashing eyes
They parry, thrust and dance,
Silence filled with battling wills
Intent is in their stance!
Steel on steel rings across the field
As a thrust finds its way home,
With gallant bow the winner goes
To stand behind her throne

They fought for blood and roses
And all that we hold dear,
They fought for the lady of us all
And the glory of An Tir!

Performer Viridis Aletha Solari