W 07 The Last Watchman 
                                       Lady Viridis Alitea Solari

Across the fields and far away
Where no road begins nor ends
Stands there a tower of stony grey
That the southern march defends

The tides of war now flow and rise
Against these stalwart walls
With blood and steel and madden'd cries
The foeman swears death to all

Twenty brave men on the wall do stand
To guard those lives within
"Surrender!" is what the warlord demands
"You know you cannot win!"

We gave our oath on our honour
We'll give our lives on these walls
For all we love lies within them
And we shall die 'ere they fall
We shall die 'ere they fall

A dozen men are to arrows lost
Five more to Greek fire fall
Two men are lost to hunger's cost
Leaving one to heed the call

No yeoman this, no squire bold
A potter's son with dented helm
He swore to his lord this tower to hold
Though hell itself o'erwhelm

I gave my oath on my honour
I've lived my life on these walls
For all I love lies within them
And I shall die 'ere they fall
I shall die 'ere they fall

A southern lord steps to the fore
Horsed, girded, blade in hand
"Good fellow, you can hold no more
Your defenses are unmanned!

Come, open the gates! Throw them wide!
There is no need for more to die
I swear no harm to the good folk inside--"
But all heard the watchman's reply;

"This gate will not rise to honeyed lies
Or promises made on the wind
Can you deny that there's blood in your eyes
And your heart has no mercy within?"


They offered him good land and silver
They offered him glory and gold
The watchman he laughed all aquiver
And swore the tower he'd hold

"My wealth is the land that you stand on
Glory is found at God's throne
Offer all you can lay hand on
Still, I'll keep this watch alone."


With a howl of rage the warlord ascends
To tear out this taunting tongue
On a last arrow's bend, all hope now depends
Marking time rung by rung

Head then shoulders the lord does arise
His sword swings up and catches the light
His eyes opened wide in final surprise
And clos'd by the last arrow's flight

A hunting horn sounds merry and bright
The tower's lord comes home at last
Surrounded by knights they plunge into the fight
Into Hell the southmen are cast


Up the stairs that are dyed gory red
With blood that has purchased cold stone
The lord bends his head to those who are dead
And the one that still stands alone

Held fast to the wall by an arrow shot true
From which his life's blood runneth black
"I was pierced through and through by cruel arrows, two -
I sent the other one back."

I gave you my oath on my honour
I gave my life on these walls
For all I loved lies within them
And I have died 'ere they fall
I have died 'ere they fall.

Performer(s) Viridis Alitea Solari