W 14 The Son of Might 
                        Seth Starr - Barony of Seagirt

Sung To The Tune Of Worms of the Earth

For they were the Worms of the Earth, 
And I am the son of might,
All of their days they were tied to the land, 
As he'd feast and he'd hunt and he'd fight, 
They gave their crops and their homes and their lives 
And my mother told me this was right,
He'd beat them before and he'd beat them again 
But they drank from his helmet that night.

My father ruled the land, 
Just like his father before him,
Judging and killing by hand, 
And taking what the town bore him,
He'd killed many peasants before I was ten, 
One stroke of his blade and then they were gone,
And then he walked proudly atop his great wall, 
And I sat and watched from the shadows;


My father went to war, he rode atop a great stallion, 
Was it for some noble cause? 
With those knights and thugs to guard him, 
I heard he'd been captured with some of his men, 
So they raised the towns taxes all over again,
They raised a great ransom to bring father home, 
And my mother was happy to see him,


The year there was a great draught, 
My mother and father did ponder,
They'd take from the peasants and town, 
And leave the peasants to wonder,
He went to town with some of his men, 
To tell them their taxes were raised once again,
And some of them acted on their desperate plan, 
And my father was meat for the crows,


That night my father died, 
My mother succumbed to her mourning,
Guilt stricken with violent rage, 
I led the knights the next morning,
Eyes filled with tears and heart filled with hate, 
I gathered my force and charged through the gate,
We cut them all down and this sealed their fate, 
Then my heart was filled with sorrow,

Two weeks have passed, 
Since that final day, 
The hall still echoes with screams, 
Their blood it littered the ground,
Their cries still haunt my dreams,
If I had my way to do it again, 
I'd stay in the castle and spare all those men, 
But now it's all over the price has been paid, 
So I wait to be meat for the crows,

Performer(s) Christine the Good