W 17 Two Recruiting Sergeants 

Twa recruiting sergeants came fra the Black Watch 
Tae markets and fairs, some recruits for tae catch 
But a' that they 'listed was forty and twa: 
Enlist my bonnie laddie an' come awa 

And it's over the mountain and over the main 
Through Gibralter, to France and Spain 
Git a feather tae your bonnet, and a kilt aboon your knee 
Enlist my bonnie laddie and come awa with me. 

Oh laddie ye dinna ken the danger that yer in 
If yer horses was to fleg, and yer owsen was to rin 
This greedy ole farmer, he wouldna pay yer fee 
Sae list my bonnie laddie and come awa wi' me 

With your tattie porin's and yer meal and kale, 
Yer soor sowan' soorin's and yer ill-brewed ale, 
Yer buttermilk, yer whey, and yer breid fired raw 
Sae list my bonnie laddie and come awa 

And its into the barn and out o' the byre 
This ole farmer, he thinks ye never tire 
It's slavery a' yer life, a life o' low degree 
Sae list my bonnie laddie and come awa with me 

O laddie if ye've got a sweetheart an' a bairn, 
Ye'll easily get rid o' that ill-spun yarn 
Twa rattles o' the drum aye and that'll pay it a' 
Sae list my bonnie laddie and come awa. 

Chorus x 3

Aboon: above 
Tattie pourin's: water in which pototoes have been boiled. 
Soor sooin' sourin's: sowans, a dish made by steeping and
fermenting the husks, seeds, or siftings of oats in water, 
then boiling; likely a poor substitute for beer.