W 32 Christiona Goes Shopping 
                                      Thorvald Grimsson 

Sung To The Tune Of Star of the County Down

At the Winter War, back in 24,
When the Viking fleet did land,
Near to Camrose town, they did sit down,
And a wondrous raid they planned.
"We'll storm their walls, and we'll burn their halls,
And the rich ones we will seize,
And with a handsome sum, from their ransom,
We will do just what we please."

In our camp that night, in the bright firelight,
We bragged of what we'd do,
With the loot we got, from that hostage lot,
As we drank our potent brew.
And we planned and drank, and we bragged and drank,
And we sang and we drank some more,
And when the moon was round, from the cold cold ground,
There arose a mighty snore.

So from lord to thrall, as we there did sprawl,
Only three things did show life;
They were a burning log, and a brindled dog,
And the chieftain's lovely wife.
Now that lady gazed, at the log that blazed,
And at the dog, who was briefly sick,
And the lady thought, "It has just been taught,
A stupid Norse pet trick."

Through her mental fog, as she watched that dog,
A small thought crossed her brain,
"We will need some cash, if another bash,
Like this we want again."
So on her husband dear, she poured stale beer,
But him this did not rouse,
And a brutal shake, could not awake,
Our lord from his carouse.

She said, "This won't do", so she kicked the crew,
But could only revive eight,
"It is scarce enough, but these boys are tough,
I just hope that we're not too late."
Then with her axe in hand, she led that band,
And up over the walls she climbed,
And for the other eight, she threw wide the gate,
Of the town that I've just rhymed.

Then that crew set to, and they burned and slew,
Though the noise it caused them pain,
And they chopped down doors, and they ripped up floors,
Bright silver to obtain.
Then they sailed away, at the break of day,
And this story I wrote down,
How the lady led, in her dear lord's stead,
That raid on Camrose town.

Performer(s) Thorvald Grimsson