Kataryna Tkach
For wanton filking, encouraging singing from the most novice of us, and general bad bardic behaviour 

Kataryna Tkach, born in 1490 into a Kyivian merchant family was apprenticed to a kobza and his family when it was found out that she was blind. There she learned how to live by trading her skills as an instrumentalist and singer for alms. Once she gained journeyman status she decided to travel to western Europe where she met a band of artisans who took her into their home as one of their own. Suddenly finding herself holding a higher station in life she found enough money to have her vision corrected and learned a number of other crafts. Aside from music she has learned both pottery and how to write pysanka; which she is very fond of doing since it reminds her of her parents. Kataryna also loves her garden and spends an inordinate amount of time making new types of plants.

Kataryna's Song Book

Filks Favorite Traditional Songs And Others
Avacal Rovers Wind That Shakes The Corn
Marvelous SCA Toy The Drum
The Lemmings And The Nee Wild Mountain Thyme
The Lemming Tavern Avacal Or Die!
Avacalian Pride (aka How To Get Those In Power Annoyed) Blood And Roses
Fed Up WIth Name Calling Dragonweaver
Oh Lemming Boy My Johnny
Two Recruiting Sergants (SCA Version) The Last Watchman
The Foggy Dew (SCA Version) Step It Out Mary
I Once Had A Lover (Original Piece) The Riddle Song
Stories Chastity Belt
Binnorie Three Ravens
The Three Piglet Squires Twa Corbies
The Cossack and The Spider Two Sisters
Demon Goat Reve Ta Stohne
The Porcupine Story Loch Tay Boat Song
Kataryna and The Gnomes The King