LT 55 Reve Ta Stohne
                        Taras Shevchenko 1800's-
                        Traditional Ukrainian

Reve ta stohne Dnipr shyrokyj
Serdytyj viter zavyva
Dodolu verby hne vysoki
Horamy khvyli pidijm

I blidyj misjats' na tu poru
Iz khmary de-de vyhljadaw
Nenache choven v synim morju,
To vyrynaw, to potopaw.

Shche treti piwni ne spivaly
Nikhto nide ne homoniw
Sychi v haju pereklykalys
Ta jasen' raz-u-raz skrypiw

In Cyrilic:
Рeвe та стoгнe Днїпр ширoкий,
Сeрдитий вiтeр завива,
Дoдoлу вeрби гнe висoкi,
Гoрами хвилю пiдiйма.

блiдий мiсяц на ту пoру
з хмари дe-дe виглядав,
Нeначe чoвeн в синiм мoрi
виринав, тo пoтoпав.

Щe трeтi пiвнi нe спiвали
Нiхтo нiдe нe гoмoнiв,
Сичi в гаю пeрeкликались,
А ясeн раз-у-раз скрипiв.

Sort of Literal translation :
Roar and groan, Dneiper broad
Angry Wind Envelops
Moving the willows up and down, much
From great heights surge and lift them

And the white moon on the water (landscape), 
With the clouds played peak a boo
As if a boat in the blue sea, 
Which rocked this way and that, then drowned

Third verse not fully translated
More third cock did not chant, 
Nobody anywhere made a noise. 
Riders in (??? ?) to call to one another, 
And (ash ?) time into time scraped 

Lyrical Translation :
Icely cold the Dneiper rages
Bitter the winds as on they pass ;
Touching the the ground, the weeping willows
Freezing the trees and medow grass

2nd and 3rd verse not lyrically translated

Related filk verse - Kataryna Dragonweaver
I lost my love in Dneiper's waters
Quickly they pulled him to the sea
Love of my life, my heart, my always
I wish that I could drown with thee. 

This song was written in the 1830's about being homesick for the Ukraine. Many of the emmigrants to Canada (at least those in Northern Alberta) are fond of this song, and it is sung regularly at concerts. If someone has the rest of the English lyrical copy of this song I'd love a copy - since I seem to have lost the rest of my version. -K