B 15 Dragonweaver 
                            Lady Viridis Solari 2002

This was our home, where we lived and loved
Every stone set by our forefather's hands
Now we huddle in darkness in a root cellar
While bandits above us ravage our lands

No blade among us and no one to wield one
Merchants and craftsmen have no skill at war
No way to barter with those bent on reaving
Waiting for death to come through the door.

Good folk and neighbours, listen to me now
As singer and crafter you all know me well
I've a plan that may save us, if you'll believe me
And trust in me past the tale that I tell

I have seen wings on the edge of the morning
I've seen their shadow in the curve of the moon
I've oft their traced their tread by the lip of the water
Found scales that glow in the high sun at noon

Not just the dreams of child or drunkard
As real and as bright as the sun in the sky
They know that I watch them, and ne'er do harm me
I hear them singing when I see dragons fly.

So give me a strand of ribbon like fire
Another of silver, copper or gold
I'll weave with my heart as I do with my fingers
I'll ask for the magic that no man can hold

Unbind your hair goodwives and maidens
Have you a ribbon on kirtle or sleeve
I'll work in the darkness the magic of knowing
Pray for me, dear friends, if you cannot believe

I'll weave me a wing that catches the new wind
A twist for a talon, sharp as cold steel
I'll weave with my mind as I do with my fingers
I'll call for the magic that I know is real

I've wove me a body that flows like the ocean
It twists and it turns like a story of old
I called and they answered, they say that they know me
They knew of our danger before it was told

What is that sound? Oh, can you all hear it?
That thunder, it sounds like the heartbeat of drums
How strange! For a moment, I thought I heard singing
Oh, feel the trembles! Oh, something great comes!

The bandits are shouting and screaming above us
Then silence, save for a wind at the door
Holding our breaths, we heave the door open
Stare like we've never seen sunlight before

There's no one about, only blades on the ground
And the earth, which is deeply furrowed and heaved
And there, in the square, shining like moonlight
Is the first dragon that I ever weaved

Like is now as it was before
The story has grown and spread through the lands
I weave fore the children who still can see wonder
Teaching them magic of song, soul and hands

So give me a strand of ribbon like fire
Another of silver, copper or gold
I'll weave with my life as I do with my fingers
I'll keep the magic that no man can hold.

Performer(s) Viridis Solari