Viridis Solari
For her incredible songs, amazing voice, and inspiring presence (and for me not being able to get Netherhill out of my head for months on end)...

Viridis Solari is the proud proprietor of a small, humble inn in Venice in 1498. Her parents both died in one of the recent bouts of plague which struck the city, leaving her with the family business. She enjoys the varied people her trade brings through her doors, and occasionally seeks to entertain them with a song, so that they might come back and visit again.

Viridis' Songs

Original Compositions Favorite Traditional Songs And Others
Dragonweaver Wind That Shakes The Barley
Christine The Good I Am Stretched On Your Grave
Netherhill Wild Mountain Thyme
Avacal Or Die! Step It Out Mary
Blood And Roses The Listfields
The Drum Moorlough Shore
Red Ribbons Of Cabbages
My Johnny The Ballad of Glencoe
The Last Watchman Star Of The County Down
Gentle Jenny .
Requiem .
. .