SP 01 Listfields 
                       Master Ivar Battleskald 

A Story about this song - from Kataryna Dragonweaver:
I heard The Listfields at one of my first events, and the first thing I did was try to find the words for the song..... and couldn't.
I later learned that the Listfields is a song being spread through the SCA by oral tradition only. The idea is to see how much the song has changed when it gets back to it's original source. 


During a recent discussion on the Avacal Bards email group another story about the origin of the Listfields came out.

From Audette des Grenouilles, a former Avacalian who now lives in Ansteorra: 
"It (The Listfields) was written in Ansteorra (so I've been told, maybe before Ansteorra became a kingdom...), by a Master of Arms. He had approached a chivalry circle only to be rebuffed and told he couldn't know _anything_ about fealty, being only a Master of Arms. He removed himself from their company, came back a half hour later, and sang then the Listfield song.

Needless to say, it's become a very big legend.

This is from someone who told me their knight was at that circle. So, it's coming second hand to me, third hand to you, but it's the most specific version I've heard yet.

Now, I've also been told by people down here that what the author wanted (and they did give me his name, I'm just horrible with names...) was that it never be performed from paper. However, most people I know in the SCA have a fit if someone even mentions writing it down... :) So, I avoid that, and follow the personal bent that I won't ever sing it for recording, either."

And from Talorgen nei Wrguist from Atlantia:
"The author of 'Born on the List Field' is Master Ivar Battleskald, who has also penned at least one other song which is to be passed on in the oral tradition only, 'The Warrior's Weird'.

There is definitely another tale floating around about someone who studied the musical culture of the SCA to learn about the folk tradition and wrote some kind of academic paper, but I can put no more real knowledge to that at all."

So in true folk tradition the story, as well as the song has changed significantly, yet still carries the same message. Please don't write the song down. 


Thus in respect for the creator of the song the words will not be printed.

To learn the song please ask your local bards or any person performing it to teach it to you - most of us love the song and are more then happy to pass it on.

Performer(s) Cattea the Studious, Halfdane Eastborn, Stevyn Gibsone, Whistler McEwan, Christine the Good, Kataryna Dragonweaver, Viridis Solari, Sine Perigrina, 
and many of our other Bards.