LT 01   Broome of Cowdenknownes
LT 02   Come By The Hills
LT 03   Leezie Lindsay
LT 04   Rose
LT 05   Scarborough Fair (Lord's Version)
LT 06   Scarborough Fair (Lady's Version)
LT 07   Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go?
LT 08   The Wind That Shakes The Corn
LT 09   Wind That Shakes The Barley
LT 10   Cockles And Mussels (aka Molly Malone)
LT 11   Female of the Species
LT 12   Step It Out, Mary
LT 13   Shule A Roon
LT 14   Star Of The County Down
LT 15   Green Grow the Rushes, Oh
LT 16   Eileen Aroon
LT 17   Bonny Portmore
LT 18   I Am Stretched On Your Grave
LT 19   I'll Tell My Ma
LT 20   I am Going to the West
LT 21   She Moved Thru The Faire
LT 22   O Soldier Won't You Marry Me?
LT 23   Loch Tay Boat Song
LT 24   The Gallows
LT 25   Come and I Will Sing You
LT 26   Queen Of Argyll
LT 27   Scotland The Brave
LT 28   Dumbarton's Drums (Lord's Version)
LT 29   Dumbarton's Drums (Lady's Version)
LT 30   The Bonnie Lass O'Fyvie-O (aka Pretty Peggy-O)
LT 31   Loch Lomond
LT 32   Mary Mack
LT 33   Mairi's Wedding (aka The Lewis Bridal Song)
LT 34   After The Ball
LT 35   Sally Gardens
LT 36   Danny Boy
LT 37   Londonderry Air (aka Acushla Mine)
LT 38   Annachie Gordon
LT 39   The Riddle Song
LT 40   The Keeper
LT 41   Wedded Rose
LT 42   Souling Song
LT 43   Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair (Lady's Version)
LT 44   Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair (Lord's Version)
LT 45   The Champion
LT 46   Oh How Lovely Is The Evening
LT 47   Epical (A Poem)
LT 48   Bard's Requiem (A Poem)
LT 49   The Foggy Dew (Original)
LT 50   Moorlough Shore
LT 51   A Kiss In The Morning Early
LT 52   Red Ribbons
LT 53   The Knight's Reply to the Lady's Lament
LT 54   Waulking Song
LT 55   Reve Ta Stohne
LT 56   Forevermore (A Lullaby)