LT 30 The Bonnie Lass O'Fyvie-O (aka Pretty Peggy - O) 

There was a troop o' Irish Dragoons,
Cam' a marchin' doon through Fyvie-o,
An' their Captain's fa'n in love wi' a very bonnie lass,
An' her name it was ca'd Pretty Peggy-o!

Noo there's mony a bonnie lass in the Howe o' Auchterless,
There's mony a bonnie lass in the Garioch-o,
There's mony a bonnie Jean in the toon'o Aberdeen,
But the floo'er o' them a' is in Fyvie-o!

"Oh it's 'come doon the stair, pretty Peggy, dear,
Come doon the stairs, my pretty Peggy-o,
Come doon the stairs, kame back your yellow hair,
Tak a last fareweel o' your daddy-o!

What would your mammy think if she heard the guineas clink,
An' the hautboys a-playin' afore you-o?
What would your mammy think if she heard the guineas clink,
An' kent you had married a sodger-o?"

"A sodger's wife I never shall be,
I'll never marry a sodger-o
For I never do intend to go to foreign lands,
So I'll never marry a sodger-o."

"A sodger's wife you never shall be,
You'll be a captians lady-o,
An' the regiments shall stand wi' their hats in their hands,
An' they'll bow in the presence o' my Peggy-o."

The Colonel he cries "Mount! Mount, boys, mount!"
But the Captain he cries "Oh, Tarry-o!"
"Oh gang nae awa' for anither day or twa,
Till we see if this bonny lass will marry-o!"

It was early the next morning we marched awa'
An' oh, but our Captain was sorry-o
The drums they did beat o'er the bonnie braes o'Gight
And the pipes played the "Lowlands o' Fyvie-o!"

Lang ere we wan in tae auld Meldrum toon
An' we had our Captain tae carry-o.
An' lang ere we had seen bonnie Aberdeen,
An' we had our Captain tae bury-o!

Green grow the birk upon bonnie Ythanside
An' low lies the lowlands of Fyvie-o.
Our Captain's name was Ned, and he died for a maid; 
He died for the bonny lass o' Fyvie-o!