LT 45 The Champion 
                         Edward Zifran - Copyright 1979 

Oh, the Champion, he is brave,
And the Champion, he is bold.
He fights for the lady’s honor,
And never for the gold.
He asks not the lady for her hand,
For he could not be so bold;
That’s not the way of a champion,
Or so I have been told.

The Champion fights for the lady
For that’s his only way,
He asks not for the lady’s love,
Just that she smile his way.
But deep inside his lonely heart
He pray on day by day,
That the lady loves him as he loves she,
And bids the Champion stay.

But the Champion knows as he turns to gray
There’ll be a younger man,
Who will enter into the lady’s life,
And ask her for her hand.
She’ll ask the Champion, ‘My friend,
Would you mind if I wed this man?’
He’ll avert his eyes, and say,
‘Your happiness is all I can demand.’

So the Champion stands off to the side,
He never says a word.
And though he loves the lady so
His heart is never heard.
So the Champion resigns himself
To a love that can’t be cured
As the lady takes herself a lord,
The Champion’s eyes are blurred.