LT 37 Londonderry Air (aka Acushla Mine) 

Sung To The Tune Of Danny Boy

Acushla, mine, the singing birds are calling,
They call of love, that's meant for lovers true,
'Tis autumn time, and where the leaves are falling,
Alone I wait, to beg a word with you.
'Tis of my love, my love I would be pleading,
Around my heart, your fingers are entwined,
The birds above, they know how much I'm needing,
One little word to bid me hope, Acushla, mine.

Acushla, mine, your lips are ever smiling,
They smiled their way into my longing heart,
Your roguish eyes to me are so beguiling,
I pray the Saint, that never we may part,
When winter comes, and all the world is dreary,
And sun and stars no longer seem to shine,
The world is dark, and I am sad and weary,
'Tis then I need you most of all, Acushla, mine.

Acushla, mine, when birds again are singing,
Their mating song, and all the land is gay,
When, at the church, the wedding bells are ringing,
Mavourneen, dear, 'twill be a happy day.
And through the years no matter what the weather,
Around my heart, your love will still entwine,
We'll wander on, as long as were together,
And wander in to paradise, Acushla mine.