LT 03 Leezie Lindsay 

Will ye gang to the Hielands, Leezie Lindsay?
Will ye gang to the Hielands wií me?
Will ye gang to the Hielands, Leezie Lindsay,
My pride and my darling to be?

To gang to the Hielands, wi' you, sir,
I dinna ken how that may be,
For I ken nae the land that ye live in,
Nor ken I the lad I'm guan we.

O Leezie, lass, ye maun ken little,
If sae ye dinna ken me;
For my name is Lord Ronald MacDonald,
A chieftain o' high degree.

She has kilted coats o' green satin
She has kilted them up to the knee;
An' she's off wi' Lord Ronald MacDonald,
His bride and his darling to be

Performer(s) Thorvald Grimsson
                       Kataryna Dragonweaver