Fabienne l'Accusee



Fabienne l'Accusee
For inspiring blatant period to break out all over Avacal. 

Since I don't have a bio for Mistress Fabienne I'll just tell you about her. First you can all blame Mistress Fabienne for my interest in period music. She teaches a fabulous introduction to period music 101 class on occasion - if you get a chance take it. She was Laurelled for her studies in medieval and renaissance music, and when she was more active she started a period choral group, and a period recorder music group in Myrgan Wood which performs at their feasts as background music on occasion. She plays recorder, and harpsichord, and has brought it to at least one feast. 

She is not a bard (her words not mine), but considers herself an instrumentalist and researcher. She actively promotes period music during events at feasts and during the day. She does enjoy the other types of music found in the SCA, but only after midnight. I suspect there is a gremlin issue here  :)  .

Fabienne's Period Music

Ah, Robin          Wm. Cornysh (~1465 - 1523) My Love She Mourneth          William Cornysh(~1465-1523)
Broom of the Cowdenknowes          Traditional - from Playford Pavana de Calais          Mistress Fabienne l'Accusee
English Country Dances - Scotch Cap, Nonesuch, & Argeers        Traditional - from Playford Robin M'aime          Adam de la Halle ~ 1250
Kemp's Jig          Traditional ~1600 Ronde #9          T.Susato
L'Homme Armé          15thCentury Saltarello          mid-15thCentury
Lord of the Carnarvan's Jig          Traditional - from Playford Sumer Is Icumen In          English rota ~1250
Maltese & Burgundian Bransle          T.Arbeau
Martin Said To His Man          Traditional Mentioned 1588, Printed 1609