English Country Dances
Scotch Cap, Nonesuch, and Argeers

Notes by Mistress Fabienne l'Accusee:
      The  English Country Dances published by John Playford  are also among the most popular dances and tunes in the SCA, The first edition of 1651 retains a slightly more modal feel to the music, and keeps the set dances as they are, rather than changing a lot of them into the longways dances of later years. Only those from the first edition are suitable for SCA use, as the tunes and dances in later editions are altered (some dramatically) and 'modernized' into a more fashionable Baroque style of the later 1650's.
     We can squeak Playford's first edition into SCA period as it retains a flavour from earlier in the centuray, at the end of the Renaissance.
     Scotch Cap, Nonesuch, and Argeers from Playford's book are interesting and suit the whistle well. Other tunes, Lord of Carnarvan's Jig  and the Broome of Cowdenknowes have their own pages. Check the SCA Music or Dance homepage  for their corresponding dance instructions (or ask me - Fabienne l'Accusee).