Maltese Bransles & Burgundian Bransle

Notes by Mistress Fabienne l'Accusee:
     The best known dances in the SCA are probably the Bransles, as they are easy and fun to do. Thoinot Arbeau (an acronym for his real name) published them in his dance treatise, Orchesography in 1589 in Lengrés. It is a wealth of information regarding social behavior as well as teaching other dance forms and musical tunes popular at the time. I have picked two of the easiest dances and have included their steps below.
     Perhaps you can play for the dancers at your next demo!

Maltese Bransle:
               Formation: circle.
               Double left, double right. Repeat.
               'Bellydance' into the centre of the circle with three steps, three claps,
               'Bellydance' back to your place, three claps.
               Remember: this one can get (increasingly) faster!

Burgundian Bransle:
               Formation: line or circle.
               Double left (ending with a bit of kick),
               Double right (ending with a bit of a kick).
               Repeat.                                                       [medieval aerobics...?]