Kemp's Jig

Notes by Mistress Fabienne l'Accusee:
     The well known Shakespearean actor, Will Kemp was remembered for one of the most notorious stunts of Elizabethan times: he danced from London to Norwich (100 miles) in nine days! His account of this feat was printed a year later , in 1600. The tune is from a lute book of the same era and may be one of the tunes he danced to Norwich to. There is a tune and dance in Playford's dance book of 1651 by the same name, but is very different. This is taken from the cover of the pamphlet:

         Kemps Nine Daies Wonder /
         Performed in a daunce from London to Norwich
              Containing the pleasure, paines and kinde entertainment
         of William Kemp between London and that City in his late Morrice.
              Wherein is somewhat set downe worth note; to reproove 
         the slaunders spred of him: many things merry, nothing hurtfull.
         Written by himselfe to satisfie his friends.