Lady Annys Bradwardyn


Lady Annys Bradwardyn
For her terribly bawdy songs, resounding war chants, and vast beauty, Lady Annys is requested to present herself at bardic circles and perhaps grace us with a song or two. 

Cookies, chocolate, jelly beans, or other assorted goodies. The usual ;).

No information is available on this stunning creature, who has fled Montengarde proper for the north lands of Avacal. Rewards are offered to all informants for tracking her down and discovering her period life story.

Lady Annys Bradwardyn's Songs

Avacal, Together We Conquer

Swords Unsheathed

Death of a Viking

He Needs Me Darn It

The Maid Who Once Pleased You

Purple and Blue - or Shieldbiter's Lament

Hello Whistler? Dis Is Da Union

Vile Old Swine

The Curse

Your Enemies are Your Friends