Death of a Viking
by Lady Annys Bradwardyn
Filk of a song from the play, “Billy Bishop Goes to War”

Look at the names on the lists
When to events you go
That one he used to fight
Some time ago
I remember the standard
I remember the shield
That one he made all comers yield

His armor’s all rusted
But my god it’s passed
Look, his backs all bent over
There’s no way he’ll last
His hands gnarled and shaking
So that all can see
But this fighter
Goes up to challenge three

Vikings aren’t supposed to die
When they’re old
They pray to die
Bleeding and in pain
No man should die alone when he is sixty one
Yes, living should make you feel ashamed

I can’t believe he’s come to fight all men
One thing’s for sure after today
He won’t fight again
There he stands on the field so brave and bold
And now he won’t ever get old.