He Needs Me Darn It
by Lady Annys Bradwardyn
Filk of Nancys Song from Oliver! The Musical

As long as he needs me
You bet he does need me
For hes my knight you see
And I know he needs me

Who else would mend his sword 
And tape his broken board
Who kneels and calls him lord
Yes I do he needs me

He doesnt fight the way he should
Hed sleep with others if he could
But all the same Ill make him train
My way

If your mans lazy than you will know
They damn well need you to run the show

The greed I feel inside
Lust for power I have to hide
As I stand by his side
You know that he needs me

If I were born a man
From some more violent clan
Id have a different plan
But for now he needs me