Lord Illyanth Ildanach


Illyanth Ildanach
For distribution of chocolate and jelly beans, causing chaos and bardic circles, and for being so darn cute. 

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Chocolate, jelly beans... wait a second....

Illyanth Ildanach, the elusive, cunning, handsome bard of Avacal remains an enigma. Though often in plain view, few truly know the man, and even fewer understand him. What is this strange bard's motivations in given out sweets for all performances and services? Why is he attracted to beauty as a crow to shiny objects? The imparting of any and all information on this rogue will be richly rewarded...

Illyanth's Songs

We Will Sing Out for Avacal

The Circle Bright

Illyanth's Poems

Myrgan Wood

The Pride of Myrgan Wood

Myrgan Wood's 25th Anniversary