The Pride of Myrgan Wood
by Lord Illyanth Ildanach

Six companions brave and good
Stood together in the Wood
And brought about great deeds unseen
By Prince or Princess, King or Queen.

Though facing hardships and long toils
They watched others reaping spoils
Of their actions in grand view
While these six friends worked hard and true.

Lazarus, a fellow fine
Can oft be found by the "troll" sign
Where he away the hours would while
Crafting chainmail with great style.

Jorgen, now, a fighter proud
Who was a dragon fierce and loud
For many taverns he us did greet
With the most delicious meat.

We shan't forget the ladies fair
Not when Quintessa has so much flair
Our chirugeon, a healer great
Who's ne'er lost any to their fate.

Where to begin with Ameline?
She in so much partakes and shines
And one verse is just not enough
To tell you of her wondrous stuff:

As List Mistress and dessert cook
As well as marshalling our Great Booke
To ready be, though I'll end here because
This is a mere taste of what she does.

The Lord Guillemin from Rouen hails
And when he tries he seldom fails
To prove his valor far and wide
With strength and courage in his stride.

And finally, the least of all
My tale be told though I be small
My heart in bardry set my stars
And I have told of joys and scars.

For these deeds, though small at glance
Were we six, all friends by chance
Honoured greatly recently
With an award, on bended knee.

Baroness Catriona, of Myrgan Wood fame
Did in court call us up each by name
And to the cheers of the crowd did a wondrous thing
Awarding us each with an Elm Leaf in Spring.

For though small were our deeds
We had each tended the seeds
That within us reside
The seeds of glory, Myrgan Wood's Pride.