We Will Sing Out For Avacal
by Lord Illyanth Ildanach

1. In the night a fire burning
Around it we do sing
Of love affairs and tragedies
Of princes, queens, and kings
Brought together by our love
Of tales, poems, and song
The muses of our souls ablaze
It is here we do belong

Come join us at the circle bright
Be filled with grace and cheer
There’s naught but good times to be had
And no reason to fear
For each night we do gather
And our voices we do lift
In awe and in thanksgiving
For our friendships and our gift

2. The soul of song surrounds us
The tales we spin inspire
Though finely crafted or yet rough
They set our hearts afire
We are the spirit of the people
Joined here in place and time
Woven in the fabric bright
Of a tapestry sublime
3. The songs of war oft fill the void
With beats both fast and low
While ballads sung by silvered tongues
Are in dulcet tones sung slow
The bawdy songs and ribald jokes
Add spice to our delight
The soul of bardry fills us
And makes our hearts ignite

4. A bard from distant lands steps up
And begs us for a boon
To share a tale or song with us
Under the bright full moon
And we true bards do smile
And then with open arms
Invite him to come join us
And ply his words and charms

5. From An Tir to Atlantia
From Drachenwald to Caid
There are artisans with their fine craft
And fighters with their blades
But through all of these kingdoms
The bards stand proud and tall
Telling tales and singing songs
By the campfires and the halls

6. So when your soul is heavy
And you of the world despair
Come join our bardic circle
And a song or tale do share
For though you may feel nervous
We do our hands extend
The bards of the Knowne world are true
True players and true friends