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                    It’s been a while (4 years or so) but I’m finished with grad school and will start updating this site more often. Questions about music in Avacal can be asked by emailing the bardic officer, on the Avacal Facebook page or Yahoo group, the Avacal A&S Facebook page, or on the avacalbards yahoo group. To contact someone about the site (concerns, comments, etc.) try admin at katarynas*.net (unlinked, also remove the spaces and star)

     Avacal’s current Bardic officer is Lady a’Kasha Machiavelli. She has been bugging me to update the page and work on a new version of the bardic book – perhaps all will happen soon. If you need to contact someone about this site in a hurry try my email (non-linked above) or Lady a’Kasha Machiavelli - or holler using the Avacal Yahoo group. 

Please come in, sit around our fire, and enjoy....

                                        -Kataryna Tkach (Dragonweaver)
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