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Lady Chrestienne de Valenciennes's Homepage
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Knights Tour - Mistress Cymbric & Sir Brand's Pages

SCA Bardic & Performance sites (In no particular order)
SCA Bards Yahoo Group
SCA Songbook Yahoo Group
SCA Medieval & Renaissance Music and Medieval & Renaissance Dance Homepage
                   (Maintained by Master Gregory Blount of Isenfir)
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           Minstrel Subpage Mailing List
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Kingdom of Ealdormere Bardic College
Kingdom of Lochac Bardic Guild
Kingdom of Ansteorra Bardic College
Eric Praetzel's SCA Dance & Music web page
Kestrel's House Of Poetry & Song
Ioseph of Locksley's Pages... Look Down, Way Down, to find songs.
Thorfinna and Colyne's SCA Page...good set of song, music & dance links.
SCA Filk On The Web
Rathflaed DuNoir the Black Bard of Meridies
Early Music Mailing Lists Index
Militant Society Of Bards

More Seriously Period
In French
Byzantine music

Other Sites Of Interest
Online Music Scores To Download
The Traditional Music Library
The Folk Music Webring
Mudcat Cafe... If you can't get to the site try later, it can be really busy at times.
NoteWorthy Software...The Software used to bring you the Avacal Bards Book.

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