The Avacal Throne
Tune of: The Cover of The Rolling Stone
                                             A Filk by Thomas de Monet

Note: only those heavy armored combatants who have fought in the Coronet 
Lists of Avacal and never won should sing this song.

Opening: A group of fighters walks into the circle of light around a Bardic Campfire

Verse One:
   Fighter 1:
          What’ this? Oh! I don’t believe it! Wow!
          Hey Fighter 2, Fighter 3, tell them who we are!

   Fighter 2:
          Well we’re big stick swingers
          We’ve got golden triggers
          And we’re loved everywhere we go

   Fighter 1:
          Yeah that’s us!

   Fighter 3:
          We fight for Beauty and we fight for Truth
          And bore you with the blow-by-blow

  Fighter 2 & 3:
          We take all kinds of spills
          That give the spectators thrills
          But the thrill we’ve never known
          Is the thrill that will get you
          When you get your butt
          On the seat of The Avacal Throne

   Fighter 2 & 3 & 4:
          Avacal Throne……..

   Fighter 1:
          Wanna see my butt on the seat!

  Fighter 2 &
          3 & 4: Avacal Throne……..

   Fighter 1
         : Gonna see the populace at my feet!

   Fighter 2 & 3 & 4:
          Avacal Throne……..

   Fighter 1:
          You won’t believe the smile on my face!

   All Fighters:
          When my butt’s on the Avacal Throne!

Verse Two:
    Fighter 4: 
          I’ve got a gentle little Lady
          From about 1580
          Who embroiders all my things
          I’ve got a poor old gray-haired knight
          And all he does is sit and scream

    Fighters 2 & 3:
          Now it’s all designed
          To blow a poor fighter’s mind
          But our minds won’t really be blown
          Like the blow that will kill you
          When your enemy wraps you
          And you lose your shot at the Throne!

    Fighter 1:
          Hey! I know how to get it!
          GRAND MELEE!!!

    All Fighters:
          A small, short fight ensues……

     Fighter 1:
          Oh! That was beautiful!

Chorus: As Above

Verse Three:
    Fighter 2 & 3: 
          We’ve got a lot of little teenaged curvy newbies
          Who’ll do anything we say!
          We’ve got a genuine drunken Homme
          Teachin’ us a better way
          We’ve got all the beer that money can buy
          So we never have to feast alone
          And we keep getting’ danglies
          But we can’t get our fannies
          On the seat of the Avacal Throne

Chorus: As above X 2

    Fighter 1: 
            (while all four are walking away)
            I’ll be right up front man!
            I can see it now!
            I’ll be sitting up front,
            Smilin’ down man, oh beautiful!