The An Tir Alphabet

A silly little poem by Lords Thomas de Monet, Conaill McGregor, Cedric van Kiesterzijl, and Kailf of Sigelhundas
With special thanks to the Ladies Genevieve Desjardins, Gabriel Darke and Marielle Cassandra MacGregor without whom most of this would not be fit for public ears and us four Lords would have been killed outright for writing it.

A is for An Tir, the Kingdom we’re from,

B is for Beer, which we drink till we’re numb.

C is for Castle, which we like to storm,

D is for Destruction, which is often the norm.

E is for Elephants, you’ll need them to stop us,

F is for Forest, “Oh my god we’re SO lost!”

G is for Griffyn, the one we call Fluffy,

H is for Heavies, this rhyme was a toughy.

I is for Intimidate, Look, here come Alby and Vic!

J is for JuJu, which empowers our sticks.

K is for Kill, which we will and you wont,

L is for Lights, which we have and you don’t.

M is for Mead, which inspires our Bards,

N is for Knotwork, Oi! Spelling is hard!

O is for Outhouse, which nobody likes,

P is for Panic, when it calls in the night.

Q is for Quitting, which we never do,

R is for Rorik, who’ll surround all of you!

S is for Sergeants, sneaky and vile,

T is for Treachery, which is also their style.

U is for hitting, we like that a lot!

V is for Vikings, smelly when hot.

W is for Whacking, those that don’t learn,

X is for marking the boozes that burn.

Y is for asking, “Why the hell are we here?”

Z is for Zither, where the hell is my beer???