W 32 The Fighter Song 
                                      Stragin Ellingson 
(May 2004)

Sung To The Tune Of  The Cowboy Song by Garth Brooks

Fightin' in crown ain't easy like the viscount said it was
And I don't recall no easy wins
Or over flowin' mugs
You fight hot and tired and nasty
Till sheild drops way to low
And there were all the nights you couldn't sleep
Thinking 'bout the tourney oh
And we sang homme for a rest and all for gold

Like the time we went to quad war
And the rains began to fall
The water was comming down so fast
We thought the tents would fall
We drank alot of beer that day
And churned up lots of ground
But when all the boys suited up
We knew thats what counts
And we sang borealis mead and that damn moose song

Or the time they broke behind us
Then took us by surprise
I whistled out to Grimolf, I seen the arrows hit his thighs
Well he fought for all that he could fight
so I knoew he done his best
He went to Valhalla with three axes in his chest
And we sang born on the list field and a grazing mace

So when you see the fighter's, we're not ragged by our choice
We never ment to wreck our knees
Or put that gravel in our voices
We're just chasin' what we really love
And whats burnin' in our souls
Wishin' to God that we'd been born a thousand years ago
Still singin' homme for a rest and all for gold