PS 11 Avacal's Victory At Morrish (A Poem) 
                                                                     Elvus Bubbason

During the time of of the harvest of the corn, the Northmen with shields bright, sharpe swords uncovered and spears strait and true met the host of the gold star at the tavern of the Moors
The host of the Northmen was drawn from near and far from the land of the red Griffon
These few, lacked in number but they had much strength and vigor and did numerous worthy acts that did credit to their homeland.

Many and great were deeds and many a Norhtshielder widowed and large was the plunder carried away

Vik heir to the throne of Avacal Leader of the Northmen upon the homegang field Swift of sword solid with shield stood at the head o his crew
Rorik Jarl AnTir called Stormbringer on his Lord Tanist shield side and brought swift end to many
Shamus war leader, dread bear with fury, cracked helms and split the enemys shields

The men of Montengaurde proved true and deadly
Cerid's haulberk crushed helms as one crushes walnuts at the hearth
Conmor made many strokes with his sword and made many widows
Derek with spear true and sharpe pierced haulberks and sides to let the blood flow

The hesir of the sundog became war wolves
Mikail Albrecht's man Cloved shields, cut helms and filled the grave
Benbow stung with arrows that found their mark time and time again
Connel with bloody sword, made many a corspe
Segha green to the game of Thor caused much of the of the red
Berk cut and hewed added to the dead and added to the wails of the widows

The host of the green elm tree broke the foe like the rain upon its limbs
Gareth, Barak's man, Kings man, cut down the foe like a sickle Cuts grass
Shunzei, bushi to the Daiymo threw shot as of a rainstorm not to bring life but death
Aisha arrows flew like lighting that made the blood of the foe mingle with the grass

At the end the proud red Griffon stood. And the gold star was dimmed and the shield of the North split
The Northmen retired to drink the mead around the hearth fire tell the tales of the day and comapre the wounds of honor.
On the field the ravens gathered and fed
The foe counted the remain of their herds, dug graves, raised mounds, extingushed fires and wailed for their fallen and cursed the Northmen.

Soon they will rebuild their homes, find new husbands and wives.
Make their herds large and fat.
And put more silver and gold in their churches and then it will be the time to harvest the corn.