PS 07 I Am Scanadian 
                                 Pei Geng Tian
Sung To The Tune Of  The Canadian Rant

Greetings good gentles, 

I am not a Woodsman or a Shepherd 
And I do not live in a Yurt or eat Haggis or own a warhorse,
And I do not know Alfheim, Gunther or Catriona 
Though I am certain they are fine gentles.

I have a Prince, not a Yarl.
I speak English and Norman, not Norse, 
And I pronounce it Shloger not shlager, 

I can proudly don my lord's banner on the battlefield.
I believe in revelling not revolting, exploration not invasion,
And that the griffin is a truly proud and noble creature.

A torc is a neck ring, a trencher is a bowl
And it is "hold" not "stop" hold!
Quad War has three Baronies, one Principality, 
And is the best event in AnTir!

My name is Tian and
Thank You.

Performer(s) Pei Geng Tian