PS 05 The Brave and Bonny Host 
                                            Roger the Goliard

Oh, see how the mist lies over the field,
The morning of battle is come,
Soft in the glen there's the muffled sound of men,
And the murmur of a battle drum.

Fill our cups with ale or wine or beer,
We will stand together, never fear,
And we'll drink down a toast to the brave and bonny host,
That fights for the banner of An Tir.

Now the light of the sun spreads over the hill,
It scatters the mist from the green,
And there in the clear stand the warriors of An Tir,
Their black and golden banner can be seen.

Oh, see them advance as a wall of steel,
Each man with his sword and his shield,
Now they charge with a cheer, for the honour of An Tir,
To win or to die upon the field.

To the crest of the hill fight the brave and the bold,
Where the slain thickly lie on the field,
Now, alone in the clear, stand the warriors of An Tir,
And the foeman at last is forced to yield.

Oh, strike up your lute, all ye minstrels,
Whose skill is renowned far and wide,
Come tell us again of the mighty band of men,
Who carried the battle for our side.

Performer(s) Thorvald Grimsson