PS 01 An Tir Ever More 
                           Aliena Searover

Sung To The Tune Of  Something to Sing About

I have walked 'cross the stones 
that make up the Knowne World's bones 
Sailed on her waters to Lochac's far shore; 
The things I have seen all the places that I have been 
All I can say is "An Tir Evermore!"

From Three Mountains' harbour to the Oerthan border 
From far Borealis to Seagirt's rocky shores (ye-hah) 
With Pendale and Appledore, Adiantum, Curragh Mor 
All I can say is "An Tir Evermore!"

Ithras show us the way, that our skills, then, we may display, 
Banquets and feasts give a taste of the past; 
And we'll fight bloody wars to the strains of a troubadour, 
Whatever we do, we are never outclassed.


Now An Tir is our land, there's no other that's half as grand; 
Not MidRealm, Trimaris, The Outlands, Caid. 
With our Peers by our side, and the people who are our pride 
"We Stand Together!", our call and our creed.